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I really fell behind…

Okay, I promise that I’ll have a new post up with content up soon.
I don’t have a lot to talk about, bar Prometheus (which will be savaged soon) and comics, but something new is coming this Saturday.
Next Saturday I am working so I’ll try and have a post up early. The Saturday after I am in Rome, so no blog that week. I’ll make it up by doing two the week after.
I know I’ve fallen behind, especially after an exceptionally productive May, but I’ll be back on schedule ASAP!


First Post Blues.

So this is my first post. I’m sure everyone has this same dilemma (dillemma? Dill enema?), what do I write about? It seems most write about their lives or post their, err, artistic attempts.
Ah! But therein lies the problem. My life is dull. Dreary. Boring. Muy aburrida. And I have no artistic talent, despite highly valueing creatives (or, perhaps, I value them because of my own talent).
See, I have ideas. For stories. So, I think I may use this as a sort of “rough sketches” jotter. (N.B.: in the barebones character and plot details sense, not in the J. H. Williams sense nor the Miles Davis sense)
So here I am. I exist.